1600w Portable Mini Wholesale Electric Lawn Mower

1600w Portable Mini Wholesale Electric Lawn Mower

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Liaocheng is a city in China, A lawn mower is a machine for mowing lawns and vegetation that helps you manage your lawn in a more efficient and convenient manner.

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lawn mower brands have some common product lines, including the following:

1. Walk-behind lawn mowers: These are usually lightweight and easy to operate, making them ideal for small gardens or lawns.

2. Self-propelled lawn mower: This type of lawn mower has an autonomous drive and does not require human power. It is suitable for lawns of average size.

3. Ride-on lawn mower: This type of lawn mower needs to be ridden on it to operate, and is suitable for large lawns or gardens.

4. Electric lawn mower: This type of lawn mower uses electric power and is better for small areas, such as small gardens or lawns.

5. Gasoline lawn mower: This type of lawn mower is powered by gasoline and is more suitable for use in large areas, such as parks or golf courses.

6. The above are only some common lawn mower product lines, and the specific characteristics and usage conditions of different brands and different models of lawn mowers may be different.It is recommended that when you choose a lawn mower, you should comprehensively consider factors such as the required lawn size and location, and choose a lawn mower that suits you.

1) Drive type:self propelled with brake lever and throttle cable
2) Deck type: 22Inch Aluminum deck
3) Cutting width: 22In (560mm)
4) Cutting height:  20-80mm
5) Height adjustment: one lift for 4 wheels with 8 postion
6) Engine: Briggs & Stratton 6.0Hp engine.Original imported from USA
7) Blade type: 22Inch straight  blade
8) Dischang type: Rear discharge with fabric bag
9) Wheels: 7" front wheels, 8" rear wheels
10) Certification:
11) Packing Size:97*59.5*43.5cm/CTN
12) Loading Capacity: 108pcs/20ft container, 228pcs/40HQ container
13) One year warranty

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