Service Content


Service Content

Professional customs clearance, first-class qualification, easy import and export, capital security, and convenient tax refund

  • Logistics Services

    International sea transport, land transport, air transport, express, charter ship booking, door to door one-stop service, hand in hand with COsco, MSK, EMC and other shipping companies, the price advantage is obvious, freight worry.

  • Market Purchase Trade

    Free suppliers from flexible invoicing and foreign exchange collection; For purchasers, we can purchase goods in multiple varieties, multiple batches and small batches, with LCL grouping and one-time simplified customs declaration.

  • Domestic and Foreign Resources...

    Domestic and foreign resources docking, strong pertinency, high turnover rate, reduce the marketing cost of enterprises, online and offline perfect combination, expand the channels for enterprises to find customers.

  • International Business Service

    1. Market research and analysis services: The platform can provide customers with information and data about the domestic market, and analyze the market according to customer needs to help customers better understand the market.
    2. Supplier management and procurement services: The platform can help customers manage suppliers of required commodities and conduct procurement to ensure product quality and timely delivery.
    3. International logistics services: The platform can provide customers with a complete set of international logistics services, from cargo transportation to customs agency, to ensure the safe and fast arrival of goods to the destination.
    4. Trade financial services: The platform can provide customers with trade financing, credit insurance and other services to reduce transaction risks.
    5. Business agency service: The platform can provide domestic market promotion, product sales, agency and other services for customers to help them develop the market.
    In short, Shandong Limaotong Foreign trade comprehensive service platform will provide foreign customers with one-stop trade services, help customers to carry out trade activities smoothly, and improve efficiency and competitiveness.

  • Google Global

    Global search engine access · one-stop solution! Foreign trade is built on the basis of SaaS platform architecture and optimized and promoted with Google search engine as the core.

  • Foreign Trade Big Data Platform

    The big data platform of Foreign Trade Corporation allows searching without boundaries and easily seeks customer resources.

  • International Certification

    To promote the quality improvement of import and export enterprises, production safety and better achieve overseas market access, to provide factory inspection, testing, inspection and other comprehensive services.

  • Financial Service

    Shandong Limaotong has cooperated with many banks to build super letter of credit, Forfaiting and other financial services for customers.

  • Finance and Tax Services

    Registered company, bookkeeping, settlement, export refund (exemption) tax, tax return, tax planning, tax optimization and other services.

  • Intellectual Property Protection...

    The company has a legal doctor, for customers in the import and export process escort.

  • Talent Service

    Focusing on the promotion of the value of talents in the vertical field of foreign trade, we will effectively match outstanding foreign trade talents with high-quality foreign trade enterprises and related industry institutions, and provide one-stop talent training incubation and comprehensive human services.

  • Centralized Insurance Service of China...

    Launch export credit insurance services for small, medium and micro enterprises that cannot self-insure, to help platform customers grab orders and protect risks.