“Liaocheng Bearing” brand landed on CCTV, helping the bearing industry to achieve high-quality leapfrog development

Recently, Our city to “Liaocheng bearing. The theme of “drive the future” made a grand appearance on CCTV, with the help of CCTV Financial Channel (CCTV-2) “The first time · City weather forecast” column to vigorously promote the construction of a hundred billion high-end bearing intelligent base in Liaocheng, further expand the popularity and reputation of Liaocheng bearing industry, and help Liaocheng accelerate the creation of “China bearing Trade City” and “China Bearing Industry City”.

Bearing is an important part of modern machinery and equipment, known as the “joint” of industrial machinery. Liaocheng bearing industry Cluster area has become one of the largest bearing industry cluster areas in China, and is an important part of China’s bearing industry. At present, it has formed an industrial cluster with Linqing (finished bearing processing, bearing market) as the center and extending to Dongchangfu District (bearing retainer), Donga (steel ball) and Guanxian (bearing forging), which not only has the largest bearing trade market and spare parts production base in China, but also the bearing industry cluster with the largest number of market players. The cluster has been selected as “Shandong Province characteristic Industrial Cluster”, “Shandong Province Top ten industrial” goose array “cluster and” National small and medium-sized enterprise characteristic industrial cluster “.

CCTV-2 “The first time” city weather forecast “listen to the weather, see advertising” natural viewing mode, help the “Liaocheng bearing transmission future” transmission to achieve powerful effect, form a beautiful “Liaocheng bearing” characteristic industry business card in the most valuable crowd of CCTV-2 financial channel, enhance the “Liaocheng bearing” characteristic industry brand awareness, Help Liaocheng bearing industry high-quality development.

Post time: Jan-19-2024