More than 200 domestic and foreign laser enterprises gather to find “exciting” encounter

More than 200 domestic and foreign laser enterprises gather to find “exciting” encounter

The World Laser Industry Conference 2024 held in Jinan attracted more than 200 international industrial institutions, business associations and laser companies from the China-Belarus Industrial Park in Belarus, the Manhattan Special Economic Zone in Cambodia, the British China Business Council, and the German Federal Federation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises to gather in Shandong to seek industrial cooperation and trade opportunities.

“There are already a number of industries in the UK that have benefited greatly from laser processing, such as jet engine blade cooling holes, automotive fuel injectors drilling, 3D printing, and the dismantling of waste radioactive magnox fuel tanks.” LAN Patel, senior director of the China-Britain Business Council, said in a speech at the scene that in the future, laser processing will become the norm of British manufacturing, rather than a special processing means. “This means ensuring that small, medium and large businesses have the skills, funding, knowledge and confidence to do laser processing quickly and efficiently.”

LAN Patel believes that the development of the UK laser industry still needs to solve the challenges of increasing skilled human capital, reducing the difficulty of investment and financing, establishing and promoting standard processes, promoting automation and scale expansion.

Friedmann Hofiger, regional president and senior adviser of the German Federal Federation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, said in an interview with reporters that the federation is one of the largest representative organizations of small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany, and currently has about 960,000 member companies. In 2023, the representative office of the Federation in Shandong Province was established in Jinan. “In the future, a German reception room and a German Trade exhibition and exchange center will be set up in Jinan to help more German companies enter the Jinan market.”

Friedmann Hofiger said that Germany and Shandong also have many excellent laser equipment manufacturing enterprises, the industrial structure of the two sides is very similar, this conference will provide opportunities for both companies to carry out in-depth exchanges and cooperation in technology research and development, personnel training and project cooperation, and build a strong platform.

At this conference, the original 120,000 watt laser cutting machine launched by Jinan Bond Laser Co., Ltd. was on display. Li Lei, director of the domestic Marketing Department of the company, said that the conference brings together enterprises in the middle and downstream of the laser industry chain, which helps enterprises in the whole industry chain to better develop in terms of technology research and development, product quality control, product iteration and upgrading.

Yu Haidian, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and mayor of Jinan, said in his speech that in recent years, the city has always taken the development of laser industry as an important part of the construction of a modern industrial system, deepened industrial cooperation, greatly grasped the construction of projects, promoted technological innovation, and focused on creating a “laser industry cluster, laser achievements transformation, laser famous enterprises birthplace, laser cooperation new highland”. The industry influence and industrial competitiveness have been significantly improved, and it is increasingly becoming an ideal place for the high-quality development of the laser industry.

The reporter learned that the laser industry, as one of the key subdivisions of Jinan high-end CNC machine tool and robot industry chain group, has a good momentum of development. At present, the city has more than 300 laser enterprises, Bond laser, Jinweike, Senfeng laser and other leading enterprises in the national industry segmentation field walk in the forefront. The export of laser equipment products based on laser cutting in Jinan has steadily increased, ranking first in China, and is the largest and important domestic laser equipment industrial base in the north.

During the conference, 10 projects involving laser crystal materials, laser medical treatment, phased radar, unmanned aerial vehicles and other laser-related fields were successfully signed, with a total investment of more than 2 billion yuan.

In addition, Jinan laser equipment export Alliance was established at the conference site, with more than 30 core member enterprises. With the purpose of “joining hands to gather strength, jointly expand the market, and mutually beneficial and win-win”, the alliance provides platform support for further expanding the export scale of Jinan laser equipment and enhancing the international influence of China’s laser equipment brands. “Qilu Optical Valley” industry incubation center, international exchange center, industrial innovation center, industrial display service center four institutions were officially established, continue to provide a full range of services for the development of domestic and foreign laser enterprises.

With the theme of “Exciting the future of Jinan Optical Chain”, the conference focused on the four main lines of “investment, trade, cooperation and service” to build a high-level open platform to the outside world. The conference set up a series of parallel activities such as the laser frontier technology application gossip salon, Dialogue Spring City – Laser industry development opportunities dialogue, laser industry international cooperation legal services and consulting, to cultivate new advantages of laser industry international competition. (over)

Post time: Mar-21-2024