• Logistics Services
    Logistics Services

    International sea transportation, land transportation, air transportation, express delivery, charter ship booking, door-to-door one-stop service, obvious price advantage

  • Credit Insurance
    Credit Insurance

    Fully support foreign economic development by providing insurance and other services for foreign trade and foreign investment cooperation

  • Financial  Service
    Financial Service

    The platform cooperates with several banks to create financial services such as super letters of credit and forfaiting for customers

  • Detection  Service
    Detection Service

    To help promote the quality improvement, safe production and better access to overseas markets of export] enterprises, provide factory inspection, testing, inspection, etc

  • Our Services

    Excellent foreign trade elite team provides you with "more professional, faster, more economical and safer" one-stop comprehensive service

    About Li Maotong
    About Li Maotong

    Shandong Limaotong is a platform that provides all-round and multifunctional foreign trade services. Its main functions: Product trading: The platform provides domestic and foreign product exchange, supply sharing services, to provide local merchants and cross-border e-commerce to provide a rich choice of goods; International logistics: The platform has a complete international logistics distribution system, providing instant logistics inquiry and freight forwarding services for merchants; Financial services: The platform can provide merchants with a series of financial solutions for cross-border transactions, including payment and settlement, exchange rate conversion, insurance and other services...


    We aim to contribute well to your company

  • Ease of Service
    Ease of Service

    The whole process service provided by professionals Answer all questions.

  • Price Concessions
    Price Concessions

    Uniform - charging standard, without any hidden fees. Limited time promotion allows you to enjoy more discounts.

  • Speed Guarantee
    Speed Guarantee

    24-hour considerate service process node feedback at any time, so that you can understand the latest business trends.

  • Personal Tailor
    Personal Tailor

    Provide enterprises with personalized service cases, so that enterprises can grow and conclude business quickly.

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    Hundreds of customers trust our company

    One stop customs clearance,foreign exchange and tax refund services
    One stop customs clearance,foreign exchange and tax refund services

    Provide professional customs declaration, logistics, certificate of origin, application for inspection, foreign trade documentary, marine insurance, customs entry and clearance, customs registration, agency letter of credit presentationLegal consulting, international arbitration, Google Global Search Optimization, eBay, Amazon, foreign trade big data platform

    Market procurement trade, domestic and foreign resource connection, international certification Product test certification, government customs clearance certification, system audit certification, goods inspection and customs clearance documents, financial services, financial and tax services, and intellectual property maintenance

    Shandong Limotong has cooperated with many banks to provide customers with super L/C, Forfaiting and other financial services;

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    Cross bordere-commerce services
    Cross bordere-commerce services

    Cross border e-commerce training and services: regularly carry out special training activities such as platform and trade, so that enterprises can keep abreast of the latest foreign trade policies and information; Utilize multiple open e-commerce platforms at home and abroad to provide comprehensive services in all relevant links for the sales and delivery of featured products of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises. Open up the external comprehensive service platform and cross-border e-commerce platform to provide customers with comprehensive services

    Overseas warehousing: overseas warehouses in many countries change the traditional way of foreign trade and promote the transformation of new and old drivers of enterprise trade models

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    Foreign Trade Service Tools

    • Exchange Rate Query

      Exchange Rate Query

    • Organization Code

      Organization Code

    • HS Code Query

      HS Code Query

    • Tax Rate Query

      Tax Rate Query

    • Domestic Express Inquiry

      Domestic Express Inquiry

    • Cargo Tracking

      Cargo Tracking

    • Elements of Declaration

      Elements of Declaration

    • TAT Query

      TAT Query

    • Fedex Query

      Fedex Query

    • Exchange Rate Query of Countries

      Exchange Rate Query of Countries